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Fenix Cash
FenixCash is the only site you will need to find the best connection to online earnings. We have put together a list of websites that will help you earn extra money online whether you have very little time to spend or if you are looking for a steady extra income working from home. Our experience will help you find the best paying and most dependable websites as well as give you tips and tricks on how better to use these sites to earn more money. If you use what we know, earning some extra cash online will be fun and rewarding.  

​​We've found the Best places to Earn Money Online

​Paid Online Surveys*****

​​Paid surveys are the most popular way to get paid online. Thousands of companies pay millions of dollars a year for consumer research. The internet has allowed regular people to claim their share of this money just by giving their opinion on topics like your favorite beer, car, or tv show. Many surveys about upcoming products will send you free stuff and movie surveys ask you to watch a 30 sec trailer. Best Paid surveysIt's not very hard and anyone can do it. Online surveys pay between $2-$20 each and focus groups or call back studies pay even more. If you are selected to try a major product, you could make $75-$100, just for a few minutes of your time.

**SurveySavvy--Number one survey site in our opinion 1. They pay the best 2.  Always pay 3. And send 4-5 good surveys per wk.

**MindfieldOnline--A close #2 because they offer 1. High pay 2. Prompt payment 3.  And good surveys sent weekly, about 4-5.

**OpinionOutpost--Could be the best paid survey site if you have time to take as many surveys as they send to your mailbox. The Outpost 1. Sends 3-4 survey inviations per day. 2. Pay is always fair and quick. 3. Payment options like Gift Card or PayPal,etc. Lots of surveys are good, but since we don't qualify for every survey, attempting 4 or more per day can take time, and that's not so good.

​​​Top get paid to..*****

Get Paid To...Do all kinds of things. This type of earning website has many different ways to earn. Most offer some combination of surveys and paid to sign up, with some paid tasks or paid videos, a few even offer ptc and paid emails. Because they offer so much the pay is not always high for different jobs, so you need to find out what is right for you. Our favorite GPTs also offer a paid to search function which helps boost your earnings every week.

**CashCrate--Easily the number one GPT site with over 4 million users and plenty of ways to earn--surveys, tasks , offers and more.

**Points2shop--This site offers more than just points to shop @ They offer Cash, too! And lots of ways to get it.

** great all around site with many tasks, offers, surveys, and instant pay via PayPal. Very unique offers and a user friendly design make this a top site.

​Paid Task *****

Paid Tasks or Micro Jobs, are one of the most best ways to earn money online. Some of these tasks only pay one cent but can be done in just a couple of seconds. Some tasks pay around 32 cents and take a few minutes to complete. The micro jobs that are being offered change regularly and new ones come up. Some complex jobs are often replaced by simple ones, so it pays to check job listings every couple of days or more often. A couple of these tasks done everyday will create a good stash of cash quickly.

**NeoBux--Is often promoted as a PTC(paid to click) site but recently they added Paid Tasks...The Highest Paid Tasks on the internet!!

**Clixsense--Top competitor to NeoBux is also a PTC and has kept up the rivalry by offering the second highest paid tasks online!!

**Squishy Cash--Lots of fun ways to earn money with a very cool bonus feature--Squishy Slots, where you could win $100.

Best Paid Search*****

Everyone that uses the internet performs a search once in a while. Do you get Paid to Search?? At FenixCash we do. Everyone should be using paid search engines. Google and Yahoo don't pay you, but FenixCash has found Search Engines that pay. The cash isn't much, but it adds up quickly. When you use more than one paid search site the earnings can be impressive. Paid search is a great addition to your strategy that is never even gets noticed. It's just there adding up quietly.

**SwagBucks--Perform an online search and randomly be awarded 5-59 Swagbucks good for Gift Certificates or good old Cash.

**InBoxDollars--Offers more than just paid search. As well as having the highest paying PaidSearch engine, they have great paid e-mail. This site also offers tasks, surveys, offers, paid videos, and reward shopping. Also, check out the huge $5 sign-up bonus.

**iRAZOO--Like the others search sites iRAZOO offers much more than just paid search. They will randomly credit you for a search and they offer great rewards. One feature of iRAZOO is that you must be invited to join. Here's your invitation...

​Paid To Click*****

Paid to Click or PTC sites abound on the internet. There are over 3,000 or them, in fact. The idea is simple-- advertisers want you to see their ads. Companies will pay you real money just to "click" on an ad or website and look at it for a couple of seconds or a minute. The trick is with a regular PTC is that you don't really need to stay focused on the ad--See Strategy for Tips. You can earn a good amount pretty quickly if you know how to use these sites and use the right methods. Using more than one PTC is a must!!

**UniqueRewards--Online for over 5 years UR offers about 25 views per day plus paid videos. Paid e-mail and a generous $5 Bonus!!

**Hits4Pay--Paying users for over a decade, Hits4Pay is a great PTC. High 2 cents per view. Checkout
the terrific $5 signup bonus!!

**Cash-N-Hits--Multiple ways to earn including paid ads, paid videos, paid to like, and a lottery. $1 minimum payout and Autosurf.

​Paid to read*****

With PTC you can click in and out of the site easily, but with PTR you must view the ads or websites for a specific amount of time and perhaps perform some function like click a page or link. Because this is time consuming and inefficient we only have one recommendation in this category. **Ayuwage** offers a lot of ads for reasonable pay, and most of the ads are interesting(that helps).

​Paid E-mail*****

A couple of other sites mentioned have paid E-mail, like UniqueRewards and InboxDollars. That is not what they do best. There is only one site worth promoting in this category and that is **Donkey Mails**. There are other ways to earn using the  Donkeymails homepage, but you don't really need to go there until you are ready to get paid. They also have PTC, offers, and more available.

​Play Games & Get Paid*****

Not gambling. Spending time on websites and playing some of the games that they have developed. Get paid in points or cash. The only site that actually comes close to delivering on real pay for games is **PrizeLive**. PrizeLive may be the most original site online today. You play against other members with game credits, and if you win, you get double credits. Members earn credits and cash by taking surveys, PTC, PTR, and many offers unique to PrizeLive. Get paid instantly by PayPal $1 or more.

​​Turn Earning into a game*****

Thats exactly what **TreasureTrooper has done. They have taken the concept of a GPT and turned it into an exciting online game. You are an adventurer on a quest for maps and treasure. Use different offers on the site to earn arrowheads and pearls and gold coins, as well as cash, to aid you on your quest. This website has everything from paid videos to tasks and surveys to paid signups. There is always something fun and new to keep your attention and you are earning money at the same time.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

Search & Win

UniqueRewards - online rewards program

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys No Minimum Payout

make money

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